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basic obedience level 1 

7 weeks, 1 hour each week - training based on positive methods

Starting May 14 at 645 pm till 745 pm, outside. Richmond BC.  Classes are held at various locations, please call for details.

You will be taught how to teach your dog the 5 basic commands: sit, down, come, heel & stand. More importantly, you will be taught how to communicate with your dog & why training is important for your dog's well-being. Huge Focus on loose leash walking.


Not only will you be taught obedience, but you will also learn how to teach your dog manners & basic etiquette such as "leave it!", no jumping up, how to greet people properly & how to use a very soft mouth at all times. You will be taught fun games to play at home with your dog.

To maintain social distancing, 2 people per dog please,

Younger and older, dogs and owners alike, are welcome!

Video from a recent class...

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