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Dog walking 

An Alternative to Dog Daycare
Richmond Shelley Smith Dog Walking

Have your dog walked for you while you are at work. Your pooch will be picked up in the late morning and taken with a group of dogs to play and socialize all under the watchful eye of the experienced Master Dog Trainer and her own dogs. Your dog not only gets exercise and has fun, but he/she also gets to socialize with other dogs and new surroundings.

Basic obedience commands are enforced and your dog will definitely learn the 'come' command while having fun.

Cost for the dog walk $25 and reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. Before signing up for the dog walking program, Shelley will meet you and your dog for a free consultation to see if your dog is the right fit–both physically and mentally–for a "pack walk".

This walk is open to both young and older dogs that just need to get out in the middle of the day for a potty break and to meet new friends. For the young dogs, there is always a Chuck-it in play to run and chase, or a few other young dogs to play with. For the older dogs who don't want to chase the ball or other dogs, the pace is a slow walk. Shelley guarantees that your dog will be tired and happy when he/she comes home!

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