Training options

Classes during covid:

June onwards classes are being held outside in a fully fenced in training venue. Classes are weather dependent so if inclement weather, class will just be postponed till the following week.


Group obedience LEVEL 1

This is a class designed for a young dog or an older rescue who does not have a foundation in obedience.  You will be taught how to teach your dog the 5 basic commands of sit, down, come, heel & stand, despite distractions! Class has a huge focus on teaching your pup to walk on a loose leash. 

Not only will you be taught obedience, you will also learn how to teach your dog manners & basic etiquette such as "leave it!", no jumping up, how to greet people properly & use very soft mouth at all times. You will be shown fun games to play at home with your dog to teach all of these.

Dogs need to be on a collar and 6 ft leash and you are required to have a treat pouch.

Next class: Sept 20

645pm till 745pm

 Tuesday Classes are being held at the Richmond Curling Club , upstairs. More classes to follow. 

Richmond Dog House Training Classes
Richmond Dog House Training Classes

GROUp obedience LEvel 2


This class is open to dogs or puppies (5 months of age+) who have graduated from a Basic Obedience Level 1 class. Class is intended for owners who want to strengthen and improve their dog's obedience, especially around distractions.

Classes coming soon


puppy / adult dog 1-on-1

Have specific concerns with your pup or dog? No worries! Have Shelley Smith, certified master dog trainer, look after your unique situation. The program will be tailored based on the individual dog.

Prior to the appointment, a behavioural profile will be taken via the phone, and after the appointment, you'll be left with a full step-by-step plan!

Richmond Local Dog Training Classes
Richmond Dog Trainer Shelley Smith Dog Walking

Day walk

(daycare alternative)


As an alternative to doggy daycare, have your dog walked under the supervision of a master dog trainer!

Not only will your pooch exercise and have fun, they'll have the opportunity to socialize in group settings. For the energetic ones, fetch to run and chase will be available. For our older dogs, the pace will be a nice slow walk. 


Basic obedience commands like "come" will also be enforced. Pick up your happy and exhausted friend on the way home!




I am excited to be offering virtual training services to you LIVE in your own home! These appointments can be via email, phone, or zoom. 


Virtual training sessions are great for starting your puppy or adult rescue off right. Virtual training can be an effective way to deal with many common problems that owners experience. 



Please contact Shelley directly and afterwards use Pay-pal or E-transfer to confirm.



DOG walks